Literature Quiz 2018

1. Who wrote the book ‘Thunlai Bijirnai’ in 1994?

: Rakhao Basumatary

2. What is the genre of ‘Dumphaoni Pitha’?

: Short story

3. ‘ Nilsarini Hangma’ is a historical novel book. Who wrote this?

: Bidyasagar Narzary

4. How many chapters in the novel  book  ‘ Sanmwkhangari Lamajwng’?


5.  Who was conferred the Sahitya Akademi award for his best novel book in 2008?

6. Name the poet of ” Lekha Rwngbla Gunda Jaya ‘.

: Rupnath Brahma

7. Which first Bodo magazine was published in 1924?

: Bibar

8. How many poems in there book ‘ Baidi Dengkhw Baidi Gab’?


9. Name the Bodo book which was published in 1915.

: Boroni Fisa O’ Ayen


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