Film Quiz 2018

1. Who composed the music of Alayaron?

: Mahini Narzary

2. Who directed the film Sona Beyw Ma Simang?

3. Who was the female playback singer of Alayaron?

: Sulekha Basumatary

4. When was the first Bodo documentary film produced?

: 1984

5. Name the actress of the first Bodo feature film Alayaron?

: Rohila Brahma

6. Who was the main protogonist of film Khwina?

: Jesus Kherkatary

7. What is the name of Hagramayao Jinahari in english version?

: Rape in the Virgin Forest

8. Who directed the film Sathabangsa?

: Khanin Bodosa

9. Which romantic Bodo film was directed by Rojen Narzary?

: Simangna Mwkhang

10. Which action drama film was produced by Birphung Mohilary?

: Mr. Dugga Boro

11. Who is first person to direct a feature film in the Bodo language?

: Jwngdao Bodosa

12. In which year did Lipika Brahma won the first and Best actress award from Bodo Artist Association?

: 2016

13. What is role of Sangina Brahma in the film Jaiklongao Bema Je?

: Actress

14. Name the main actor of the feature film Nepal To Bodoland?

: Lingshar Basumatary

15. Who wrote the film Sangali?

: Nilkamal Brahma

16. Who made the documentary film Duphangni Solo?

: Pinky Brahma Chaudhury

17. When was the first Bodo documentary film Daina produced and released?

: 1984

18. Which film was directed by Michiel Muchahary?

: Japhungwn

19. Who was the first president of the Bodo Film Society, Kokrajhar?

: Kamal Kumar Brahma

20. When did the famous Bodo actor Dilip Basumatary was died?

: 2016


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