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Literature Quiz 2018

1. Who wrote the book ‘Thunlai Bijirnai’ in 1994?

: Rakhao Basumatary

2. What is the genre of ‘Dumphaoni Pitha’?

: Short story

3. ‘ Nilsarini Hangma’ is a historical novel book. Who wrote this?

: Bidyasagar Narzary

4. How many chapters in the novel  book  ‘ Sanmwkhangari Lamajwng’?


5.  Who was conferred the Sahitya Akademi award for his best novel book in 2008?

6. Name the poet of ” Lekha Rwngbla Gunda Jaya ‘.

: Rupnath Brahma

7. Which first Bodo magazine was published in 1924?

: Bibar

8. How many poems in there book ‘ Baidi Dengkhw Baidi Gab’?


9. Name the Bodo book which was published in 1915.

: Boroni Fisa O’ Ayen


Brahma religion Quiz 2018

1. Who first preached the Brahma religion among the Bodos?

: Gurudev Kalicharan Brahma

2. What book is on Brahma religion influenced Kalicharan Brahma to preach the same among the Bodo?

: Sarnitya Kriya

3. Who of the following propagated Brahma religion?

: Paramhangsa Sibnarayan

4. In which of the following year, Swami Shibnarayan Paramhamsa propagated Brahma religion?

: 1905

5. Who was the first President of All Brahma Dharma Committee?

: Jadav Daimary

6. Who was the founder President of All Brahma Dharma Youth Forum?

: Dr. Ajit Boro

7. Where is the memorial statue of Gurudev located?

: Kajigaon

8. How many holy books in the Brahma religion?

: 6 (Six)

Film Quiz 2018

1. Who composed the music of Alayaron?

: Mahini Narzary

2. Who directed the film Sona Beyw Ma Simang?

3. Who was the female playback singer of Alayaron?

: Sulekha Basumatary

4. When was the first Bodo documentary film produced?

: 1984

5. Name the actress of the first Bodo feature film Alayaron?

: Rohila Brahma

6. Who was the main protogonist of film Khwina?

: Jesus Kherkatary

7. What is the name of Hagramayao Jinahari in english version?

: Rape in the Virgin Forest

8. Who directed the film Sathabangsa?

: Khanin Bodosa

9. Which romantic Bodo film was directed by Rojen Narzary?

: Simangna Mwkhang

10. Which action drama film was produced by Birphung Mohilary?

: Mr. Dugga Boro

11. Who is first person to direct a feature film in the Bodo language?

: Jwngdao Bodosa

12. In which year did Lipika Brahma won the first and Best actress award from Bodo Artist Association?

: 2016

13. What is role of Sangina Brahma in the film Jaiklongao Bema Je?

: Actress

14. Name the main actor of the feature film Nepal To Bodoland?

: Lingshar Basumatary

15. Who wrote the film Sangali?

: Nilkamal Brahma

16. Who made the documentary film Duphangni Solo?

: Pinky Brahma Chaudhury

17. When was the first Bodo documentary film Daina produced and released?

: 1984

18. Which film was directed by Michiel Muchahary?

: Japhungwn

19. Who was the first president of the Bodo Film Society, Kokrajhar?

: Kamal Kumar Brahma

20. When did the famous Bodo actor Dilip Basumatary was died?

: 2016

Political Quiz 2018

1. Who was the first ABSU President to be killed while holding an office?

: Swmla Basumatary

2. The Bodo Liberation Tigers was formed on…….

3. Which Schedule of the Indian Constitution was amended to create BTC?

4. Where was the inaugural ceremony of BTC held?

5. When was the first election held in the BTC?

6. Name the first advocate among the Bodos.

: Rupnath Brahma

7. Name the first BDO among the Bodos.

: Modaram Brahma

8. Name the first MLA from South Goalpara Constituency.

9. Who of the following Bodos became the first MP?

: Sitanath Brahma Chaudury

10. Who is the first MLA among the Bodos?

: Rupnath Brahma

11. Name the first Bodo DIG.

12. Name the first Women MLA among the Bodos.

: Rekha Rani Das Boro

13. Who of the following is the first IPS among the Bodos?

: Ranjit Shekar Mooshahary

14. Write the name of the Bodo who is the first President of Assam Tribal League.

: Jadav Chandra Kaklary

15. Who is the first IFS officer from the Bodos?

16. Who is the first Women advocate among the Bodos?

17. Write the full form of BPPF.

: Bodoland People Progressive Front

18. Who was nominated as the first Chief of BTC?

: Hagrama Mohilary

19. Who was nominated as the first Chief of BAC in 1993?

20. What is the name of the administrative area of BTC?